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How to add £10K to your property…


Would you like to add value to your home but not sure how?

Read on to see how to add £10K to your property by only spending £500.00.

When moving to a new house it is a common conception that you should replace your Bathroom and Kitchen in order to get the best price for your property. But the likelihood is that if you did replace it, you wouldn’t invest hugely in it and therefore you could end up out of pocket and not recoup the money that you have spent.

You need to appraise your home in order to ascertain where your £500.00 is best spent. You are our eyes as we have not been to your house. Of course, if you would like us to come to your house and give you our honest opinion then do get in touch hello@fowlerandpowell.co.uk


Neutral colours sell houses. With this in mind look around your home and see what you have that is colourful or patterned and consider changing these.

Quick Fixes under £500


Change all curtains to plain neutral tones. Good options are grey, white or magnolia. Try to keep the colour light. Light curtains add to the illusion of space which is crucial when selling your home. Curtains can be expensive, however, take a look at Leeds City Market, or somewhere like Chiltern Mills in Crossgates you may be able to grab a New Year bargain.

Chiltern Mills

Leeds Market


If your kitchen and bathroom have carpets then we would advise to replace them before any photographs are taken to promote the sale of your house. Lino is a nice cheap replacement which mimics the effect of a wooden or tiled floor, and often half the cost. We like to shop local so you could look at Stonegate Carpets, they generally have a clearance section which may suit a lower budget, or again have a look at Leeds Market. Searching for a bargain is crucial to keep in the £500.00 budget.

Stonegate Carpets

Neutralise your home

If you have any carpets throughout the house which are brightly coloured or patterned then we also suggest that you change these to plain, neutral coloured carpets.


Again with wall decoration we advise neutral colours. Why neutral you may say? There are two reasons for this, firstly, it creates an illusion of space, and secondly it helps the potential buyer imagine their items in your property. White emulsion costs about £13.00 for 5 litres, all depending on the brand and where you shop.

Whilst painting the walls neutral is a recommendation of ours, you should also look at replacing family pictures. Either remove them entirely, leaving only plain walls, or if the walls have hooks and holes in them, replace the imagery in the frame. This again will help the potential buyer imagine themselves living in your home.

Depending on the décor of your home, you may well have already hit the £500.00 budget by changing some of the a fore mentioned items. These are the big items which require larger amounts of cash outlay.

Little or No Cash Improvements

Mould and Mildew

Damp spots in your bathroom and kitchen, in between tiles, on sealant or on the ceiling can be very off putting to a potential buyer. Dettol Mould and Mildew remover is fantastic for removing black marks in tiles, on walls, ceilings and around windows.

If the mould and mildew remover doesn’t bring up the sealant as well as you had hoped, then consider resealing that area.


It could be worth investing in one professional deep clean, especially if you have animals or children. You will have become accustomed to your homes smell, but there may be a uniqueness that potential buyers are not fond of and may therefore be off putting. When people are keen on buying your house, they can often overlook the smells, but it will affect the offer they put in.

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