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Monthly Competition

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Bloom Bakers is an award-winning North Leeds based online bakery specialising in personalised & branded biscuits. They create delicious biscuits for your big celebrations, or as a unique gift idea for a special occasion. Over the past five years they have not only had the honour of baking for their local community, but they have grown a business that serves a national customer base; one that also fulfils corporate orders for the likes of Fendi, PwC, Penguin Publishers, Amazon, the BBC to name but a few. They pride themselves in using the best ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. And best of all: their biscuits taste as good as they look!

For more information, contact Lisa and Saskia at:
Mobile: 07510921787
Email: us@bloombakers.co.uk Website: https://www.bloombakers.co.uk/
Social Media: @bloombakers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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