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Our Story

How it started

Our story began back in early 2019. After meeting while working for one of the leading estate agents in the area, we found we had a lot in common.

After comparing the way we liked to do things, more cups of coffee than we’d like to count, and a number of deep conversations, we soon realised we had the same convictions about the industry, and decided to work together.

We began our own agency, and since then, we’ve grown sustainably, building an incredible, insightful team around us, staying true to our beliefs, and the experience we want to create for you.

We are continually finding new ways to make a noticeable difference. We look after you as we navigate the process together, keep you fully informed from day one, and provide you a service that’s perceptive, personal, and precise.

Julien Powell and Levi Fowler

A new approach

Whether you are selling or buying a property, you’ll always get our full attention, insight, and expertise.


As well as proven off and online marketing techniques, we use powerful, innovative, measurable strategies to the full. 

You get the benefit of outstanding photography, engaging videography, social media attention, precise demographic segmentation and online advertising. 

That way, your home is targeted to the buyers who are specifically looking for properties just like yours, at just the right time.


Come along with your wish list, and we’ll use our local connections, knowledge and insights to find you a home you’ll love. 

We can quickly search our records for the perfect match or alert you when new matches arrive.

And then as you go through the viewing and decision-making process, we’re there to support you — from making an offer, through to getting the keys in your hand, and beyond.


We get it. You might have work, childcare, and a thousand other plates spinning.

So we open up flexible viewing options for you, with appointments right up to 9pm on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Our promise to you

Everyone at Fowler and Powell works with you as an individual, making sure you have everything you need to make the big decisions.

We will never throw jargon at you.

Everything is clearly explained, using everyday language. Always.

We treat you like you.

You and your family are unique, and so is your home, your dreams and your aspirations. We take the time to listen and learn before offering our advice and assistance.

We look at the bigger picture.

It’s never just about the numbers. We are here for people, as people. Getting to know you takes time, and we do this so we can deliver precisely what you need every time.

No flannel, no fluff.

We’re going to be straight with you. We will never bluff or butter you up. If it’s bad news, we will always come armed with a plan. If it’s good news, we will celebrate with you.

We will keep you posted.

Information is power. And we want you to feel empowered at every step. This is your transaction, so we will make sure you have everything you need to make the best decision possible. We’re here to answer your questions, demystify things and empower you to make progress.

We take away stress.

Not all of it of course (despite the rumours, we are not superheroes). But we see it as our job to make it not feel like your job — keeping things calm, clear, and carefully planned at every step.

One point of contact

You are paired with your own dedicated property professional – a single point of contact to guide you through the selling process and be on hand to answer all your questions and worries. They’ll work tirelessly on every aspect of your transaction to ensure you’re left with the bare minimum of hassle or wasted time. You’ll feel up-to-date and reassured at every step of the way.

We like to stay in touch

Our commitment is to helping you feel right at home again, so we don’t just sell and run. You’ll be added to your own personal group chat, and if you have a question, any time, however small, we are on hand to answer it. Office hours, evenings or weekends – we don’t keep you waiting.

A commitment to community

We live and work here too! So we help you discover not just a location, but a neighbourhood – a place where you and your family can grow and become a part of a thriving local community. 

Our local connections are not just limited to our community events and property insights. You’ll be let in on our latest inside knowledge about up-and-coming places to live, local schools, nurseries, bars, restaurants, gyms, and activites.


Book a visit from us today and let’s get started!

Meet the team

Our soon-to-be familiar faces. Book a home move consultation today.

Julien Powell

Julien Powell

Managing Director

Levi Fowler

Operations Director

Gemma Driver

Lettings Manager

Tereza Skrivanova

Office Manager

Rachel Day

Property Manager

Jennifer Allanson

Client Executive
Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

Sales Progressor